Answered By: Austin Pevler
Last Updated: Jun 01, 2017     Views: 86

It depends on which aspect you are looking for. There can be multiple entities on a single online location. If you are trying to find out who wrote an online article, the author appears usually under the title, or at the end of the article. If it there is no author's name, then you have to look at the producer of the webpage. That can be at the top of the webpage or at the bottom, and sometimes found under any link that says "about". Remember that a webpage can be independent of a website, which could just be a host for the webpage. A website publisher is mostly found at the bottom of a webpage, but it really can be found just about anywhere. Think of it this way:

Article < Webpage < Section/Forum < Website (each one could potentially be created by someone different)

If you are trying to cite something online, take a look at the links below. They should help.