Answered By: Sonya Kirkwood
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There are 2 classrooms that the library controls that can be booked by faculty : Room 7L03 and Room 7L21.  There are also other spaces that be used for special purposes, Room 7L02 (a conference room) and 7L25 (a open collaborative working space - so technically not a classroom).  Descriptions of those rooms/spaces are below:

Classroom Reservations

  • Room 7L21 is a meeting room with podium that seats 25 to 30 people. It has one instructional podium, but no computers. It can be reserved directly by college faculty and staff through Outlook, by speaking with a reference librarian, or by calling the Library Circulation Manager at 512-2855.
  • Room7L02 is a conference room that seats 10 people. It has no computers. It can be reserved directly by college faculty and staff through Outlook, or by calling the Library Circulation Manager at 512-2855.
  • Room7L03 is an extension of the public service commons area and cannot be reserved for classes or non-library groups. It provides walk-in students with a quieter area to work. Staff and faculty can use the room for training and professional development functions during the breaks between semesters.

L25 is the open computer area behind Starbucks. It has:

  • 24 computers arranged in pods of four
  • One instructor's workstation
  • Blinds that can be drawn for privacy on the Starbucks' side

It is not designed to be a classroom, but rather an intentional space for group work. It's ideal for times when you want to schedule a day or two of research time for your students so you can check in with them as they work.

Instructors can request L25 by contacting the Library Circulation Manager (512-2855) or any librarian (512-3004).  Below are pictures of the 7L25 collaborative space behind Starbucks in the library:

IMG_0006 Teamwork Studio
24 computers Blinds on Starbucks' side

There are 2 additional classrooms located in the library that are NOT controlled by the library.  These are departmental classrooms and faculty would have to contact the individual departments to determine if those rooms are available for use by those other than the department.  The 2 classrooms are 7L05 (English Department) and 7L09 (Developmental Studies)